This isn’t my first blog. Horrifyingly, my last blog is even still up, technically speaking.

This is a light-hearted exploration into the great matter of birth and death, living and dying. I hope that reading this brings you greater attention to what’s happening right now. I hope it kills you and makes you fully alive.

Go and live.

From here on in, this post is all shameless plugs.

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Check out! It’s running this blog. Also hosted on Sandstorm: mrdomino radio, my awesome crowd-sourced anarchist radio station that you can control; and mrdominobb, my sweet super-popular forums where all my friends can post stuff and talk to each other online.

Buy a Muse and I get $20! Aside from pouring my entire heart and soul into it for the last year and a half or so, I think it actually is a pretty useful meditation aid, and I’ve found that using it benefits my own practice. This is a really high compliment, as I’m basically the best meditator.

Also, on that note, use the Muse SDK. That’s the specific thing I’ve been doing with my life, and it’d bring me great joy to see it used for more cool brain-sensing and meditation-aiding applications like the official Muse app (iOS, Android) and Muse Monitor.

If you’re looking to integrate mindfulness with your professional life, I can’t recommend Center for Mindful Learning’s coworking program highly enough.

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