Look a Landing Page

First, the page: radio.wholezero.org. Tell your friends.

The landing page is sort of a band-aid for my slightly-outside-of-spec usage of groovebasin. The relevant content is just “don’t push pause,” really.

It’s perhaps mildly interesting to chart the course that led to that page.

In the beginning, there was a groovebasin grain. The possible permissions were “can listen,” “can control the stream,” and “can control the stream and upload stuff.” (And “can delete stuff” but I retained sole control of the delete.) I thought it’d be boring if everyone could only listen, so I just passed around “can control the stream and upload stuff” links to try and get the whole hipster katamari going.

It worked medium-well.

There’s obvious possibility for abuse if you pass around skeleton keys to your service. If it hits even one major news media source, it’s going to accumulate enough users for the universal asshole coefficient to yield at least one asshole. So I figured that at some point I’d have to downgrade most of the links to “can listen” or something. (Side note: it is amazing that Sandstorm lets you just do this.)

I did have to downgrade the links at some point—to a newly established “can listen and upload stuff but not control the stream” (a.k.a. contributor) permission—but not because of assholes. Rather, I had a UX problem.

There’s a big bright blue “pause” button sitting there right in the middle of the page. If you’re on the stream right now, you can see it. Don’t push it.


The problem was that every single person would get on and make the same snap conclusion about things: it’s a media player. There’s some stuff going in it. I have full control. Therefore it must just be me, so I’m going to pause it because I don’t want music coming out of my computer right now. Or, hey, what an intriguing name this band has, I wonder what their music sounds like?

This plus some mostly-resolved-by-now stability issues got annoying to the point of people not really wanting to get on anymore for a while, so I downgraded the links.

This led to another problem: the contributor permission can’t chat or do anything to the queue. So for most people it was kind of a boring experience—you could put your music in playlists and import new stuff, but no one would notice and you didn’t have any tangible impact on the stream. I tried working around it a couple ways but didn’t get anywhere all that satisfying.

At some point, I hope to have enough free time to actually try and contribute fixes to this stuff. The code seems really well laid out for it. It’s really just a matter of time.

In the meantime, I’ve carefully crafted this band-aid. It’s just a page explaining “don’t push pause” wrapping a link that gives you the same hipster-god-like powers I was just passing around in the beginning.

Have fun❤️