Look a Radio

*Now playing: Sensation – Adebisi Shank – This Is the Third Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank
mrdomino: oh wow i was not expecting this to be Adebisi Shank
mrdomino: heard glitch-vocals, figured she or something
mrdomino: also the uh synth-y stuff
mrdomino: damn Adebisi Shank
mrdomino: you’re versatile
mfarough: Stream doesn’t seem to be working on Void yet. ๐Ÿ˜›
mrdomino: oh god
mrdomino: just install pulseaudio and say 10 hail marys
mrdomino: man i’m so sorry i told you to do this
mrdomino: it’s not too late to just put ubuntu on it
mrdomino: though void does have the advantage of possibly defending you against the insanity that is glibc
mrdomino: oh wow we were stuck on repeat: one for a bit there
mrdomino: probably my fault
mrdomino: you know what? i like this song. so we’ll do it again. but only once more. also please feel free to kick the stream and do whatever you want.
mrdomino: he says to NO ONE on his stream that NOBODY BUT HIM CAN EVEN HEAR RIGHT NOW T_T
mrdomino: (no i’m not mad, the main failure mode of this wild and wacky shared music consciousness experiment is just that i get a really nice media player i can listen to from anywhere)

Links added because I care.

mrdomino radio!

Note: the above link won’t let you chat or mess with the stream. If you want to do that, go on my forums and find the topic about it.