Things I Will Do For Money

Courtesy of Brienne Yudkowsky:

We should all make lists called “Things I Will Do For Money” that includes how much someone would have to pay you before you’d be genuinely happy to do a thing (your Happy Smiling Price), with attention to services you’re uniquely able to provide, and *no* concern for whether your prices seem “fair” or whether you expect anybody to actually take you up on it.

Then, I can look over your list of Things You Will Do For Money, and probably most of the things are way more than I’m willing to pay, but maybe for some of the things it turns out I value that service from you in particular way more than you expect, and am Happy Smiling to pay your Happy Smiling Price, and then we’re both happy.

Some of the below contains per-unit prices. These are configured for “you’re not being a jerk about it,” i.e. we’re doing this as friends, not trying to negotiate a bulletproof contract. If I say “per page” about a writing thing, a page means roughly 300 words, words roughly average length, etc. etc.

Also note that the prices below are subject to change as I more accurately imagine the amount of work involved and/or adjust in how much I want to do it.

  1. Writing-related things
  2. Programming-related things
  3. Sandstorm-related things
  4. Muse-related things
  5. Meditation-related things
  6. Other things
  1. Proofread work of yours: $100/page, less if there aren’t that many errors or the material isn’t too dense.
  2. Write you a nice personalized email: $20.
  3. Write a short story (2 to 10 pages or so) containing you as a central character, with an arc, setting, etc. of my choosing: $200.
  4. With an arc, setting, etc. of your choosing: $2000.
  5. Defend any position on any subject with a well-researched argument to the best of my ability: $1000, discounts offered if it’s an interesting subject.
  6. Collaborate on a work of any length in more or less any genre: free but I want a 1/n share of the net; also I may set prices for particularly unappealing- or expensive-sounding projects.
  1. Teach you programming 101 — if statements, loops, basic data structures and algorithms, basics of object-oriented and/or functional programming: $200/hr. I estimate about 1 to 4 hours of offline work per hour of interactive work, especially at first while I put together a curriculum.
  2. Teach you how to do test-driven development in a language of your choice, including some light background and theory and a few practical worked examples: $300.
  3. Do a mock technical interview for you where I ask you several programming-related questions, then give you feedback afterwards on what you could improve: $500.
  4. Write a parser in such as Hammer for a protocol or language of your choosing: negotiable per thing, lower bound of $50 and the price goes up both per level of Chomsky hierarchy and per complicatedness of the language / estimated amount of time.
  5. Probably other stuff. Ask me about programming stuff!
  1. Port your app to Sandstorm: $250 per app, less if it’s an app I want to use, more if it’s a particularly complicated or difficult-to-port app.
  2. Set up and host a dedicated Sandstorm instance for you in the cloud with weekly backups: $40 + $15/month for a basic install, $40 + $30/month for a high-powered install with MOAR RAM. (Full disclosure, this is just DigitalOcean hosting costs plus a modest fee.)

This section is provisional; I’ll want to discuss this with my employer before actually doing any of it.

  1. Help you get started or get past any issues you have with libmuse: $50/hr.
  2. Help you get started or get past any issues you have with the Muse SDK tools: $100/hr.
  3. Answer any questions you have about Muse that I can without leaking anything confidential: $10/question.
  1. Come to your house and host a personalized day-long meditation retreat for you, including multiple Sanzen-style interviews, chanting, one or two meals, and several hours of sitting or walking practice: $600, group rates negotiable.
  2. Lead a personalized guided session over the phone or Google Hangouts: $100/hr.

Other things

  1. Cat-sit: $100/day.
  2. Dog-sit: $150/day.
  3. Come to your house and cook a vegan meal for you, including leftovers you can keep: $100 + transport costs.
  4. Move into your home and be your live-in vegan chef, where I cook one or two meals a day for you, with you as assistant cook and then gradually head cook: $1000/week + transport costs.
  5. Learn a math thing with you. Like come to your house and sit down with a laptop and paper and pencil and try and figure out how Reed-Solomon coding or finite fields or DSP algorithms work together: $20/hr + transport
  6. Any other ideas? Come on my forums and let me know.