It’s been very interesting to recruit for CML.

I’ve been recruiting for a while now. It’s a constant part of whatever I’m doing, wherever I am. I’ve recruited for each company I’ve worked for, always while there and sometimes after I’ve left. I’m also recruiting for effective altruism, veganism and vegetarianism, rationality, mindfulness, Christianity as I see it, practical minimalism, makerhood, and a ton of other things on a more or less regular basis.

And it’s very interesting the way we can react to recruitment for the contemplative path.

If I’m working at a company, the default assumption is that I should be recruiting for that company. Everyone I talk to who’s working anywhere is at some point going to either talk to me about joining their company or about how much they hate their current job (or very rarely and confusingly, both.) You either believe in what you’re doing strongly enough to want other people to do it too, or you’re trying to find something else to do.

But when it comes to the contemplative path, there’s a sense of “why are you talking about this?” Like, aren’t you supposed to be all about letting go? Why are you doing stuff in the world? Or, this smells like evangelism, and I don’t like evangelism. Maybe Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientology, and others have left such a bad taste in our mouth about this that we don’t want to deal with it anywhere.

Yet I find myself in the same position here as I’ve found myself in my prior jobs: I love what I’m doing. I believe, with my whole life, that this is a good thing to be doing—or at least, that this is better than anything else I could think of doing, at least for me, and maybe for you too.

So in this way I don’t see the contemplative path as separate from anything else in my life. Yes, this is the path of letting go. This path leads to the abandonment of all fixed beliefs—which, considering how an algorithm feels from inside, looks and feels like abandonment of the entire world, of virtually everything. But I’m still deluded in at least this way: that I think this is a good direction to go in. So until I let go of that belief too, I may at some point ask you how you feel about joining my current biker gang.

And it’s not like I think this is the only way. I’m still recruiting for InteraXon, Tlon, Open Garden, Verba, Causes, and Google. And for CWRU Hacker Society. And for music. And free software. And trans inclusivity. And hackerspaces. Please keep doing those things. All this and more, and finally nothing at all.