Free Time

tldr: I’m free most days from 4pm to 5:40pm EST. Book an appointment with me! We can have a video chat about anything, or do anything else that would fit in 25 minutes of time. Or longer I suppose, if you book multiple in a row…

I decided to do a new thing with my free time after the last retreat.

First, what’s free time around here? In some sense, my whole life is free time now. Every moment of the day, I’m doing the most important work I can think to do.

But within that, it’s useful to have a schedule. And within that schedule, it’s useful to have some time on the schedule where nothing else is going on, for the stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else. So that’s my free time. I get two and a half hours of it a day, from 3pm to 6pm minus a flexible half-hour of work.

Going into retreat, my free time was consistently getting devoured—albeit by really fun, interesting stuff—so I had certain tasks (clipping my nails, cleaning my personal space) that were starting to go undone. Maybe you’re familiar with that sort of a situation.

So I decided after retreat (okay, let’s be honest: during retreat) that I’d only tell anyone about one and a half hours of my free time.

So now, my free time goes from 4pm to 5:40pm. The rest of the time, I’m on the schedule. And some of that schedule is “mrdomino self-care time, come back later.”

Talk about it: forums, chat.

Updated 2016-09-25: Used the more current booking link.