I just got back from a wedding. I’m sitting alone here in Johnson. There are big, dark grey clouds out and the sun is just setting.

I feel a lot of happiness for my friends who got married, and a lot of gratitude for them bringing together this bunch of people to meet and get to know each other over the weekend. I saw what I’d consider some of my closest friends in this life. We caught up a little. It felt comfortable and easy. I also met some new people and bonded over shared experiences.

The main feeling-color was one of love: of wanting everyone I saw to be happy and successful, to get past any obstacles facing them, and to live their best life. Sometimes that showed up as taking about meditation. Sometimes it showed up as lighting a fire in a wood-burning stove. Sometimes it showed up as being together.

There was an excellent band playing throughout the reception. I was really impressed by their playing, and by everyone’s dancing. I remember one older couple in particular who I watched a lot. As I watched them, I thought “there’s nothing special about this dancing.”

If you know me, you know I didn’t mean that as an insult. I thought it with reverence and awe. These two weren’t dancing in a big, flashy way. Just ordinary, confident, clear, beautiful movement. Simple, but never in the wrong place, never at the wrong time. You could understand everything you needed to know about this path just by watching these two dance.

And that’s not meant as an insult to anyone (present company included) who did dance in a big or flashy way. I loved watching my old friend and his girlfriend (my new friend) cut it up and whip around, halfway between a dance and a play, looking at home, in love, and magnificent. I loved watching the groom’s moves with his mother set to Psycho Killer. I loved moving my own body freely, without any effort to do anything or be anywhere. I loved seeing everyone dance the way they danced, and I loved being able to join in.

All the best to the bride and groom. May your days be happy, and may you be free.