I started a radio station up as an experiment in shared music consciousness among me and my friends. It’s been going great! Everyone hears the same song at once, and everyone can import their own music, chat with each other, and control the stream.

It’s based on andrewrk’s groovebasin. He’s amazing and you should give him money. You should also give money to the artists of your favourite songs and the other people who help their music get to you.

We’ve had everything from drum and bass to glitch funk to electro swing to house to pop to rap to rock to deathpunk on the stream so far. We’d love to have your music too. If you’re just joining in, try lurking and listening for a while, then add stuff to the queue. Try and keep the energy consistent with whatever’s playing. Or if you’re bored of what’s going on, just switch to something completely different on the spot. Whatever you do, please don’t push “pause.” (There’s a button labeled “Stream: On” you can push to toggle the music for just you.)

A link to the stream follows. You can use it to listen anonymously, but I’d love it if you signed in. I won’t ever spam you; I’d just like to know who you are. [last updated 2017-04-12]

After you follow that link once and sign in, you’ll always be able to get back to the radio via either its grain URL or this short link:

You might find that the stream is stopped when you show up. That sometimes happens during down times. Go ahead and push play and/or add your own stuff to the queue.

This was incredibly easy to set up using Sandstorm. If you want to run your own, you can just go to the app store and set it up right now. Sandstorm will host it for you without any additional effort on your part and only charge you based on your usage. And if you want to self-host on your own subdomain, it’s a bit more work, but not too bad.

A little postlude on the whole music intellectual property business: please do not put pirated music on this radio. Buy it legitimately and make sure it’s licensed appropriately. NoCopyrightSounds is great. Also Youtube’s got this neat ContentID thing going. This station will comply to the maximum extent possible with any and all takedown requests and will eagerly cooperate with law enforcement. Enough said, hopefully.

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