Nov 25, 2021 • ~silsyn-wathep

Hello world! Looks like we are up and running.

This “stack” is mirrored to Earth at, from Urbit (“Mars”) at… well, the publishing suite it’s using can’t handle web+urbitgraph links yet, but if you know, you know. (I’m not trying to be cagey! I literally can’t figure out a way to paste the URL in here just yet.)

Feels weird writing in the Earth register after spending some time on Mars; suddenly one finds oneself reflexively thinking about  c o n t e n t  and  e n g a g e m e n t. I can’t help it! Comes with the planet; it’s like a gravitational pull. Should I entertain you? Should you subscribe? Weird. There are perks to being out of reach of the club…

If you’d like to join and come see what this is all about, you are more than welcome to get in touch on the network; see the author field for my Urbit ship name. Otherwise, stay tuned; there may be more  c o n t e n t  here soon…

(On Mars, “dot posts” — a message sent with the single character “.” — are often used to establish that a channel is open, and/or to say hi. I had originally titled this post “.”, but it broke the permalink system so I had to spell out the word instead. Did I mention the publishing system just came out last week?)


Dec 7, 2021 • ~silsyn-wathep


Dec 7, 2021 • ~silsyn-wathep

Comments appear to be working; anyone in the Urbit group may make them, and they should be mirrored to Earth.